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Бересклетоцветные - Celastrales 9/23/11—9/5/21

The Celastrales are an order of flowering plants found throughout the tropics and subtropics, with only a few species extending far into the temperate regions. The 1200 to 1350 species are in about 100 genera. All but seven of these genera are in the large family Celastraceae. Until recently, the composition of the order and its division into families varied greatly from one author to another. The Celastrales are a diverse order that has no conspicuous distinguishing characteristic, so is consequently hard to recognize. The flowers are usually small with a conspicuous nectary disk. The stipules are small or rarely absent. The micropyle has two openings and is therefore called a bistomal micropyle. Flowers with well-developed male and female parts are often functionally unisexual. The seed often has an aril. In bud, the sepals have a quincuncial arrangement. This means that two sepals are inside, two are outside, and the remaining sepal is half inside and half outside.
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