Двудольные (Dicotyledones) 07/05/05—10/08/18

The dicotyledons, also known as dicots (or more rarely dicotyls), were one of the two groups into which all the flowering plants or angiosperms were formerly divided. The name refers to one of the typical characteristics of the group, namely that the seed has two embryonic leaves or cotyledons. There are around 200,000 species within this group. The other group of flowering plants were called monocotyledons or monocots, typically having one cotyledon. Historically, these two groups formed the two divisions of the flowering plants. so they can not divide in two equal parts. Largely from the 1990s onwards, molecular phylogenetic research confirmed what had already been suspected, namely that dicotyledons are not a group made up of all the descendants of a common ancestor (i.e. they are not a monophyletic group). Rather, a number of lineages, such as the magnoliids and groups now collectively known as the basal angiosperms, diverged earlier than the monocots did. The traditional dicots are thus a paraphyletic group. The largest clade of the dicotyledons are known as the eudicots. They are distinguished from all other flowering plants by the structure of their pollen. Other dicotyledons and monocotyledons have monosulcate pollen, or forms derived from it, whereas eudicots have tricolpate pollen, or derived forms, the pollen having three or more pores set in furrows called colpi.
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Астроцветные (Asterales)

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Бересклетоцветные (Celastrales)

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Бобовоцветные (Fabales)

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Букоцветные (Fagales)

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Бурачникоцветные (Boraginales)

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Верескоцветные (Ericales)

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Виноградоцветные (Vitales)

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Ворсянкоцветные (Dipsacales)

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Гвоздичноцветные (Caryophyllales)

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Камнеломкоцветные (Saxifragales)

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Капустоцветные (Brassicales)

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Кизилоцветные (Cornales)

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Кисличноцветные (Oxalidales)

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Лавроцветные (Laurales)

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Лютикоцветные (Ranunculales)

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Мальвоцветные (Malvales)

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Мальпигиецветные (Malpighiales)

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Миртоцветные (Myrtales)

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Падубоцветные (Aquifoliales)

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Парнолистникоцветные (Zygophyllales)

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Паслёноцветные (Solanales)

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Перечноцветные (Piperales)

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Протеецветные (Proteales)

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Розоцветные (Rosales)

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Самшитоцветные (Buxales)

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Сапиндоцветные (Sapindales)

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Сельдереецветные (Apiales)

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Тыквоцветные (Cucurbitales)

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Эскаллониецветные (Escalloniales)

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Ясноткоцветные (Lamiales)

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