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Смолосемянниковые (Pittosporaceae) 4/26/09—2/16/19

Pittosporaceae is a family of flowering plants. The family includes approximately 200–240 species of trees, shrubs, and lianas in 9 genera. The species of Pittosporaceae range from tropical to temperate climates of the Afrotropic, Indomalaya, Oceania, and Australasia ecozones.

Pittosporaceae are dioecious trees, shrubs, or twining vines, with leaves having pinnate venation, no stipules, and margins which are smooth. Ovaries are superior, often with parietal placentation. The style is undivided and straight, and the stigma is often lobed. The fruit is a capsule or berry with the calyx being shed from the fruit. The seeds are surrounded by sticky pulp which comes from secretions of the placental hairs. The flowers have equal numbers of sepals, petals and stamens.
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